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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Module 7

Software Quality Management
~ Adopts a number of management principles that can be used by upper management their organizations 
    wards improved software product performance.
Concerned with ensuring that the required level of quality is achieved in a software product.
Should aim to develop a ‘quality culture’ where quality is seen as everyone’s responsibility.
~ Software quality assurance (SQA) is often called quality management.

What is quality?
~ A characteristic or attribute of something.
~ Two kinds of maybe encountered :  Quality of design encompasses requirements, specifications, and
                                                          the design of the system.
                                                       :  Quality of conformance is an issue focused primarily on

 User satisfaction = compliant product + good quality + delivery within budget and schedule.     

Comments of Quality
~ Everybody is for it.
~ Everyone feels they understand it.
~ Everyone thinks execution is only a matter of following natural inclinations.

~ Most people feels that problems in this area are caused by other people.

What is Software Quality
~ An effective software process applied in a manner that creates a useful product that provides measurable  
   value for those who produce it and those who use it.
~ Satisfies requirements of stakeholders and that are expected of all high quality software. 
   Establishes the infrastructure that supports any effort at building a high quality software product
~ To user :  expedites some business process.~ End results ;  increased revenue, better profitability when an
~ The management aspects of process create the checks and balances that help avoid project  
    chaos— a key contributor to poor quality.
Useful Product
~Delivers the content, functions, and features that the end-user desires in a reliable, error free way.
Adding Value
~ High quality software provides benefits to producer and user.
~ To producer less maintenance effort, fewer bug fixes, and reduced customer support application
   supports a business process and/or  improved availability of information that is crucial for the business.

Quality Dimensions and Factors
Achieving Software Quality
~ Quality assurance (QA)
~ Quality control (QC)
~ Software engineering method
~ Project management techniques
SQA Goals
~ Requirement quality
~ Design quality
~ Code quality
~ Quality control effectiveness
Six-Sigma for Software Engineering
~ The Six Sigma methodology defines three core steps:
    * Define customer requirements and deliverables and project goals via well-defined methods of
       customer communication
    * Measure the existing process and its output to determine current quality performance
       (collect  defect metrics)
    * Analyze defect metrics and determine the vital few causes.
~ If improvement is required when software process exist, Six Sigma suggest two extra steps:
    * Improve the process by eliminating the root causes of defects.
    * Control the process to ensure that future work does not reintroduce the causes of defects.

~ Theepa Laknakumaran (SW086630) ~

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