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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Task Summary


We can conclude software engineering it very important in a digital world because it can help us to communicate with virtual world. But, sometimes it also can make a problem for us. In this article it mention about the five challenges.

Five keys challenges :-

1)  Requires novel requrements engineering methodologies that enables analysis of the highly varied & inherity fuzzy ethical standpoints of the various stakeholders
(users, service providers, regulatory bodies, and so on)

2) conduct tradeoff analysis involving ethics considerations when making architectural and design.

3) tracing the architectural & design choices influenced by ethical considerations to their source is a nontrival task. Understanding which ethical considerations are satisfied by specific design decisions & that must be checked for and enforced during runtime.

4) Existing software engineering methodologies & process account for nonfunctional properties, ethical considerations are not at the fore-front of such as analyses. Requires software & business process improvement frameworks to facilitate an in incremental evolution. Not only of the methodologies & process but also of organizational practices & codes of conduct

5) training of software engineers in ethics-aware software design is, essential to overcome this shortage. Any such training requires both adaption of existing professional training programs & certifications offered by bodies (such as British Computer Society, IEEE)

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